About Madison


Madison is a boutique financial services firm that is 100% owned by SC Australian Holdings 1 Pty Ltd (“SC Australian Holdings”), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sargon Capital Pty Ltd (“Sargon Capital”). Since 1983 Madison Advisers have been supporting their clients to achieve their income, wealth and financial security objectives. Over this time Madison has:

- grown the funds it advises on to over $2.8 billion and its recurring insurance premiums to in excess of $50million;

- developed a network of over 80 Authorised Reps across Queensland, New South Wales, Canberra, South Australia and Victoria

- formed alliances with a range of service providers to support our own service offering, as well as to ensure we are operating at the highest of industry standards.

The Madison vision is simple we want to facilitate the achievement of our client's financial wealth objectives through a combination of listening, planning, guiding, executing and reviewing.

The Madison mission is to become the pre-eminent provider of financial, investment and insurance related advice in the industry. To achieve this we have sought to attract and retain only the very best advisers and practice owners. Our selection and governance standards are unashamedly high which in turn means that our clients can be assured that those whom they are entrusting to advise them - are qualified, capable and reputable.

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